We are an engineering staffing agency with a specialty in the recruitment of Mechanical Engineers. We are currently seeking a Mechanical Engineer for our client that is at the forefront of pioneering general-purpose autonomous space robotics technology. Their focus is on developing extra-vehicular robotics (EVR) capable of executing docking, repair, and maintenance tasks for On-Orbit Servicing (OOS) and conducting various activities for lunar base construction and exploration. Join their team and be part of shaping the future of space exploration.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct research on existing studies and technology trends.
  • Develop new design concepts that can achieve pragmatic robot performance.
  • Design electro-mechanical systems and mechanisms for space robotics applications.
  • Ensure optimal robot assembly configurations, considering both electrical and software requirements.
  • Select and integrate components in electronic system design, collaborating with team members on electrical control.
  • Conduct functional testing, including operational verification testing and reliability/quality evaluation.
  • Perform field testing, such as space environmental testing and thermal/vibration evaluation.


Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or a related field.

Required Skills and Experience

  • 3+ years of relevant experience in the design of electro-mechanical systems and mechanisms.
  • Advanced CAD user (e.g., Solidworks), including finite element analysis.
  • Deep understanding of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).
  • Hands-on skills in mechanical assembly and testing.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in designing space robotics (e.g., satellites, rovers).
  • Expertise in thermal design and vibration tests.
  • Experience transitioning from R&D to production stage.
  • Ability to perform failure analysis for design hardware.
  • Understanding of aerospace metals, including stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and titanium alloys.