Your IT recruiters

Today’s tight IT labor market is making it difficult for companies across all industries to recruit the skilled talent required to meet objectives, continue innovation, and grow. If this is an issue at your company, and your HR team needs assistance in meeting IT demands, then it’s time to call CalTek Staffing, the professional IT recruiting company with a proven track record. Don’t let opportunities slip away because you don’t have the IT talent you need. Call the IT staffing agency professionals at CalTek and let’s discuss the best approach to your requirements.

Case Study


A client located in a remote area with a relatively sparse local population spent weeks advertising for an IT professional with specific experience with no results. The open position was crucial to the company’s continued growth. They turned to CalTek for assistance.


CalTek’s recruiting methodology produced a candidate with the requisite skill mix of LINUX device drivers, C#, C++, Android development and Internet Of Things (IOT) within 48 hours of the contract being signed.


In two days, our client had the services of a senior software engineer needed to continue their growth and end the stress of advertising and recruiting on their own.

Typical roles we fill

  • Software Engineers
  • Web & Internet Development
  • Systems Architects
  • Security Specialist
  • Database Development
  • Embedded & Real-time Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Network Engineers & Administrators
  • Client & Server Applications
  • Graphic Designers
  • GUI Development
  • Software Documentation

IT employment is exploding. It’s estimated over 500,000 new positions will be added by 2026. If you think it’s a tight market now, give it a year or two. At CalTek, we continue to stay ahead of the curve and provide clients with the skills and experience they need when they need it. Our recruiting methodology, extensive network and advanced search technology are important, but it is our recruiters that make it happen. Passionate about their area of expertise, they are effective in not only identifying a skill match but in presenting the opportunity in an interesting and inviting way to the candidate. Securing a match that is a win-win for both the employer and candidate is essential to a successful placement. Call the recruiting agency that can solve your IT recruiting challenges now.


We use CalTek Staffing because they really understand the nature of our business and the types of technical personnel we use. Their knowledgeable and experienced team always seems to deliver a nice selection of IT and Software engineers.

Brandy Bullen | Human Resource Business Partner | Illumina