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As a Senior Electrical Engineer, you will be held accountable to be able to conduct yourself in the manners listed below and refine any needed skills to efficiently cover all responsibilities. Ideal candidate should possess a broad understanding of the electronic technology landscape and the desire to keep up with the changes in technology. The ability to define the system and hardware architecture for a given system and participate in the definition of the software architecture.

In this role, we will ask you to:

  • Take every care, regard, action, and ability to keep all privileged information not yet known to other individuals, companies, public, or other entity private and confidential in all regards.
  • Define initial project scope including proposal composition, lead and deliver presentations, estimate and stabilize the most appropriate process and deliverable to satisfy client needs.
  • Be the senior most principal Engineer of the group- expected to conduct and lead interviews of additional teammates with expectations of growing and developing a cohesive design team.
  • Be the primary lead on multiple projects, manage and lead groups of engineers, advise, or assist in the design and execution of all projects from initiation to completion, ensuring on-time submission of deliverables.
  • Work with and lead teams to create Electrical/ Electromechanical concepts for overall packaging strategies, mechanisms, and parts. These concepts are expected to balance function, appearance, form, and budgetary requirements.
  • Work with clients on individual projects or as a team lead, team member, or support member on larger projects.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely with your team and the client throughout the project.
  • Strive for the right balance between strategic planning and tactical execution.
  • Be a motivating, positive, and success-oriented individual who is familiar with the latest development/production/electrical methodologies.
  • Manage and facilitate client interactions with strong, clear communication as it relates to deliverables, design reviews, deadlines, etc.
  • Work with Sales to establish, locate and procure perspective clients, perform initial contact and assessment of new projects, go on road trips with sales to establish contact, and instill confidence in client of our company and our Engineering abilities.
  • Work with team members to estimate resource requirements, monitor progress, and balance and reallocate resources as needed.
  • Be responsible to resolve conflicts among resources and between clients and engineering teams.
  • Long term/ short term mentor other Engineers in similar/ like fields.
  • Remain apprised of the progress of certain projects, paying particular attention to any developing problems, and participate in major problem resolutions.
  • Communicate to senior management any significant deviations from project plans
  • Coordinate internal team staffing and budget requirements for projects.
  • Continue to grow your capabilities within all realms of your career.
  • Travel as-needed (valid driver’s license and vehicle required).

You should be technically familiar and comfortable with:

  • Wireless technology Familiarity with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wi-Fi, LoRa and other low power wireless standards. Familiarity with cellular technologies, particularly 4G technologies targeting
  • IOT Experience designing IOT devices
  • Microcontrollers Experience in designing microcontroller and microprocessor-based systems including ARM Cortex M series microcontrollers. C-programming expertise desired.
  • Low power Ability to design a system to minimize power consumption for portable battery-operated devices.
  • Battery Charging and fuel gauging of Lithium chemistry batteries for portable applications.
  • Cloud Familiarity with connecting devices to the cloud and issues related to security such as authentication and encryption. Familiarity with protocols such as MQTT is helpful as is knowledge of JavaScript and JSON.
  • Sensors Familiarity with various sensor types including MEMS sensors and ability to design them into a system.
  • Serial Communication Experience with serial communication functional blocks including I2C, SPI, USB, Ethernet, RS485.
  • GPS Familiarity with GPS technology and incorporating GPS capability into a product.
  • Motors Ability to design in circuits to drive motors including brushed, brushless and stepper.
  • Compliance/Certification/Safety Agency Approvals Experience with product compliance requirements to include at least FCC Part 15 Subpart B and IEC 60601.
  • Expertise out-sourcing for prototype, pre-fabrication/ low volume, high-volume/ production runs.
  • Experience with various cost reduction techniques.
  • Have the ability to understand and document a theory (sequence) of operations.
  • Familiar with automation systems using PLC and related software.
  • Rapid Prototyping Have the ability to create quick prototypes when necessary utilizing Arduino, Raspberry pi, development modules, or best method given the situation.
  • EE CAD Experience with schematic capture and PCB layout design methodologies.
  • EE Lab Equipment Experience instrumenting, testing, debugging using Osciloscope, Multimeter, Logic Analyzer, Spectrum analyzer and Communication Protocol analyzers.

With regards to Computer & Software Use, you are expected to:

  • Create entire databases describing complete product development and design. These databases will be suitable for direct transfer to prototyping and/or manufacturing and will include all consideration for assembly, tooling and functional design requirements. This work will often be performed as part of a team, which includes electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and industrial designers.
  • Either create or oversee the creation of product documentation for the manufacturing and assembly process.
  • Use appropriate software as the primary design platforms.
  • Advise, research, and recommend hardware & software applications that will benefit the company and its team members by way of efficiency.
  • Continue to grow your capabilities with all computer programs.

About You:

  • You are a strong communicator, creative thinker, and team player.
  • You are excited at the chance to join a growing team.
  • You are energized by tackling challenges head-on.