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The project manager has the total responsibility for the work performance on all assigned projects. This position provides all of the necessary direction, supervision, coordination and follow-up on the work to ensure quality standards are met, efficiency levels are maintained, and the client satisfaction, respect, and confidence are assured.

1. Pursue new projects with current clients. Work to establish a strong, positive reputation so that current clients will recommend and refer new clients.
2. Participate actively in the client community to develop a network of contacts, build the firm's image and to identify leads for new business.
3. Define the job scope, prepare proposals, and plan the oral presentation of the firm's technical qualifications to do projects. Maintain an active marketing effort with current, former, and referral clients.
Client Service:
1. Maintain regular contact with assigned clients through direct calls, meetings, and/or written reports to communicate progress, resolve problems, and to assure client satisfaction with the work.
2. Resolve any technical, scheduling, billing, staffing, and/or quality issues that have been raised by the client
3. Periodically schedule client meetings and entertainment events in order to cultivate personal friendships and establish close ties with current and potential clients.
Project Planning and Control:
1. Prepare the project cost estimate and conduct the contract negotiation with current clients. Follow firm wide guidelines for client agreement on fees, scope, schedule, and conditions. Determine contract language and prepare work plans for final approval by an officer.
2. Prepare work plan, set the schedule, establish the budget, and organize the execution of the project. Schedule and lead project meetings to set up job and review progress.
3. Provide technical leadership and guidance for all project work. Establish design controls, constraints, and criteria for project staff. Regularly checks the work to assure the work is executed properly and effectively.
4. Regularly review work load projections and request additions to staff as necessary to fulfill project commitments. Delegate task assignments and allocate work load levels to the project team.
5. Frequently check the schedule and budget performance on jobs in progress. Act to see that the job billing is completed on a timely basis, all extra work is adequately documented and fees for the firm's services are promptly collected.
6. Regularly monitor projects to assure that quality standards are maintained on all work submitted to the clients.
Staff Development:
1. Develop the technical and administrative skills of subordinates so that projects are run efficiently and available resources are utilized in an optimum way. Conduct regular meetings to discuss current performance on jobs and to address problems as they arise.
2. Plan the staffing needs of the project team based on monthly and long-term work projections. Responsible for the recruitment, selection, and quality of new members being added to the group. Assure that an effective team is established and the skill levels of the staff meet the needs of the work being performed.
3. Provide performance reviews on his staff annually. Conduct career development discussions and work with subordinates to develop them for future assignments. Reviews the preparation of performance reviews and salary changes for all members of the team, and assure that they are handled in a timely manner.
1. Encourage professionalism by sponsoring and participating in continuing education programs and being active in professional associations.
2. Develop and maintain a positive work environment for all employees. Sponsor good communication with the staff, encourage creativity and innovation, and assists individuals with their personal and professional growth.
3. Contribute to the short-term planning process for the office. Identifies capital equipment needs for the project team and assigns resources in the most effective and cost efficient way.
4. Strive for personal development in all areas of general management. Set a positive example for the staff, delegate responsibility, exercise good judgment in decision making and deals with conflict in an impartial and reasoned way.

Education: B.S. degree in civil engineering, surveying, or planning.
Experience: At least ten (10) years of professional level experience, with progressively responsible positions covering a full range of assignments in either civil engineering, land surveying, or planning.
Skills/Job Knowledge: Must have knowledge of project management methods, contract management, project scheduling and reporting, budget control, proposal writing, communications and human resources management.
Computer Skills: Familiarity with computer software for budgeting and scheduling. Also, knowledge of computer aided design and drafting is important.
Level of Supervision: This is the first level assigned management position for client projects. Group is generally made up of 3 to 10 employees in both technical and support positions. A project manager reports to either a senior project manager or an officer.