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Arc Welding Technician Job Description

Arc Welding Technicians use their education, experience & skill to construct, attach and/or assemble parts, components and/or attachments by means of arc welding; generally MIG or TIG applications

Job Requirements :

Level I :

  • Manually lift and/or manipulate product in a safe method
  • Ability to use measuring tools & gauges to insure accuracy
  • Must realize safety conditions and proper practices while using or near hazardous areas or substances
  • Must follow implicit instructions from Senior Arc Welding Technicians & provide assistance as directed
  • Ability & understanding to read basic mechanical drawings & elementary welding symbols
  • Must be capable of welding butt , corner, lap, tee & edge joints
  • Ability & understanding to set-up a MIG welder for light gauge, carbon steel welding
  • Aptitude to choose correct gasses & proper attachment & dispersion
  • Ability to apply a smooth, even weld of sufficient integrity on carbon steel parts
  • Must be capable & willing to use tools to remove imperfections & excessive weld, splatter ; ect
  • Ability to repeat process & procedures repetitively
  • Clean-up & maintain an orderly work area
  • Operate a pallet jack to move products.

Level II :

  • All Level I Requirements
  • Ability & understanding to set-up a TIG welder for light gauge, carbon steel, stainless steel & aluminum welding
  • Ability & understanding to read complex mechanical drawings & advanced welding symbols
  • Must recognize conditions that require special heat sinks & fixtures
  • Must be capable to design & build simple fixtures
  • Ability to provide training, leadership & advice to level I techs & trainees

Level III :

  • All Level II Requirements
  • Advanced knowledge of welding techniques & assist gasses
  • Ability & understanding to read complex mechanical drawings & all welding symbols
  • Must be capable to design & build complex fixtures
  • Understanding multiple step situations & implement procedures & techs for the process
  • Able to recognize & modify special conditions that must be implemented to achieve desired results
  • Capable of devising test & conducting interviews with applicants & candidates for welding positions
  • Ability to lead, instruct & direct other technicians

Goals & Objectives :

  • Constantly maintain and/or improve your production efficiency =/+ 98%
  • Estimated times should be met or surpassed, but not to the detriment of the final product
  • Performance effectiveness to complete acceptable quality parts and/or projects with 98% acceptance rate.
  • Impr ove skills & abilities to advance job level within 18 months.
  • Help or assist others to improve our overall job performance & image